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Game Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Game Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
System: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Nintendo
Release date: November 8, 2012

The games in the Animal Crossing series are particularly difficult to compare with other video games. First, players are encouraged to play less every day than the marathon sessions I spend on Yakuza games. The pace of the game is also such that it's hard to get enough experience from past episodes to give you enough events, progress, and a fair score outside of just a few months of play. I've been playing since June of this year and have played easily for over 70 hours, almost as long as my favorite color Gameboy RPG; Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

In New Leaf, players will receive the title of mayor, which will allow them to change their city more than ever, as well as new features and customization options. One of the best new features is the city rules system, which allows players to choose from a list of four bonuses designed for early risers, early risers, money seekers, or those looking to green their city. This is useful when I'm playing on my way to work and the "Early Bird" command allows me to meet villagers and sell unnecessary items instead of waiting until I'm done working to restart the game.

Another unique Animal Crossing feature I've seen over the years is player loyalty to villagers. If you already had a certain village in your city, we recommend that you bring back your favorites. In addition to many classic characters, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has many new residents to choose from, including a plethora of mice and rats. It's also easier than ever to attract your pets to the city by offering a list of campers that you can invite at any time. So I hope to find Lily the Frog soon!

Expanding your home and paying off your mortgage continue to be the goal, with more additions and decor styles available than ever. You can create a truly unique themed house, created using QR codes of objects found in the game and other players. The mortgage payment should also meet the mayor's responsibilities and pay for the new buildings that will be built in the city, especially on the main street, which has thousands of shops if you play regularly.

Graphically, the game is better than ever, always in cartoon style, but with the ability to see the world in autostereoscopic 3D. Animal Crossing music always sells well and with a new tune every hour of play, unique seasonal tunes and all KK slide songs, this game is no different. Relaxing music for an hour or two just to mingle with the villagers or improve your town, providing much needed stress relief while you play.

All in all, from Animal Crossing games you get everything you can imagine, but with more things to do than ever, New Leaf is the best version right now. However, the Nintendo Switch will be getting a sequel soon, so that may not be true for a while. Regardless, players can choose their version of the game and have their own unique experience by connecting with their village and playing regardless of travel time, quiet moments or anything else that betrays them.

Score: 88/100
Level: A

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