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Game Review: Bishi Bashi Special

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Game Review: Bishi Bashi Special

Special Bishchi Bachi Game
Console: Sony PlayStation
Developer : Konami
Published: July 7, 2000

As a fan of collections of mini games like Warioware, Tant R, Rhythm Heaven and Project Ruby, I've been waiting for this title for a long time. I've played with The Bishi Basi arcade cabinet and hit it with style, and the insane collection of Japanese mini-games needs more Bishi Basi specials. The disc includes Super Bishi Bashi and Hyper Bishi Bashi, both of which feature multiple mini-games (some overlap between games), single and multiple fun modes, and fast-paced fun.

Interestingly, the first title in the Wariware series was released just three years after the game, featuring several similar minigames and an almost identical concept. Nonetheless, the Wariware series manages to add a level of finesse and consistency to the game that Bishi Basi Special doesn't have, although as a multiplayer game it's not at all difficult to pick up and play.

Most mini-games are based on or. Get to know the buttons of the PlayStation console well and adjust the screen color by pressing the buttons, pressing or moving the buttons as quickly as possible. There are some mini-games that seem boring compared to the rest of the party, but overall there's a lot of content and fun to be had. The excellent style of play also contributes to the fun.

Playing with friends also enhances the experience, as any difficulties in playing the minigame are handled by all human players, rather than hampering players in single-player mode against the computer. Bishi Bashi Special seems to be an important step in reviving the mini-game collection as a genre-specific Mario Party, especially in the fifth generation.

With bright cartoon graphics to match the pace of the game and all this with the music, Bishi Bashi Special almost embodies the spirit of the mini-game collection. The alien missions featured in the minigames have almost directly or indirectly inspired Wariware and the large collection of minigames released over the years.

Overall, Bishi Bashi Special is a well-presented game that reminds me of Incredible Crisis, another great game, less polished overall, but with more Japanese craziness. With small playgroups, what's important is that the game itself plays well and has a consistent and varied feel, and it's bound to work.

Rating: 87/100
Class B

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