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Game Review: Gran Turismo 5

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Judul : Game Review: Gran Turismo 5
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Game Review: Gran Turismo 5

Game: Gran Turismo 5
Console: Sony PlayStation 3
Developer: Polyphania Digital
This item will be released on November 24, 2010.

New games in the Gran Turismo series often fail to significantly improve on their predecessors, as they have a refined driving simulation model and a more than adequate selection of cars, at least starting with GT4. Although Gran Turismo 5 has made many small changes, they are hard to notice when loading the game for the first time and have little effect on the overall gameplay. There are standard and premium cars, which means few cars have improved upon previous models. Premium cars show much better damage than their standard counterparts, but they weren't impressive at the time.

Some of the tracks have varying weather conditions and the Top Gear test track is included, although like the real track it's pretty much free to ride unless you're a diehard fan of the show. Maps are also included for the first time in the game, along with Ferrari and Bugatti car licenses. The DLC and the purchase of in-game credits are probably the biggest change, making it nearly impossible to own all the cars in the game without draining your bank account or thousands of hours of credits as it once was. rebalancing in favor of the purchase of Playstation Store credits. For players who are still enjoying the game, there is no way to access the online challenges or races included with the game.

Career mode has been slightly tweaked and now offers leveling up for both A-Spec and B-Spec modes, as well as 5 racing classes, 9 series in each class, for a total of 45 racing cups, plus driving test in autonomous mode. that appear. It's a lot less than Gran Turismo 4, although online racing could have smoothed things out while it was still available. Cars purchased or won in career mode are no longer automatically unlocked for arcade mode. Instead, they must be saved in favorites to access them in arcade mode. This means that there is no convenient way to order and access cars in Arcade mode and anyone who wants to enjoy the full range of cars available in Gran Turismo 5 (like me) won't be able to.

Separating the A-Spec and B-Spec modes also seems unnecessary; In Gran Turismo 4, players could compete in A-Spec Mode (where they competed alone) or B-Mode (where an AI driver competed and leveled up based on experience), and winning in both modes ended the game. competition. In Gran Turismo 5, all races must be completed twice to complete career mode, which is not only repetitive but also removes the ability to increase race speed when the AI ​​driver is behind the wheel, which means that you are sitting longer and someone else is watching the race. to hunt

The problems with the B-spec mode changes don't stop there; fewer opportunities to train your AI driver with just 4 commands; Accelerate, maintain speed, slow down and overtake. I can't think of a time when you'd want to slow down overall, and neither team seems to have much of an effect on the AI ​​driver anyway, with the exception of overtaking, which they usually don't. This means there's little to no fun in B-Spec mode, and you might as well hand the controller over to someone and watch it play in A-Spec mode, as it's definitely more exciting.

Graphically, the game is good; At first glance, the Gran Turismo 4 doesn't look like much, but the premium cars are beautiful inside and out, and there are many small improvements that aren't immediately noticeable. The car sounds are generally good and add to the overall riskiness of the race, and the background music is pleasant at times, though perhaps not as memorable as the tunes from previous installments.

Overall, the racing in Gran Turismo 5 is as good as ever; There are more licensed series, more cars and some new tracks, but it doesn't look as much of an improvement as it could be. For those who want more than the career mode endgame, there isn't much to offer and the track editor is particularly simple, with sliders for editing your custom tracks. It's worth playing, but the microtransaction-based economy will likely stop progress before all racing series are completed.

Rating: 63/100
Class: Z

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