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Game Review: Mario Tennis

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Game Review: Mario Tennis

Game Mario Tennis:
Console: Nintendo 64
Developer: Nintendo
Release date: August 28, 2000

Released midway through the N64, Mario Tennis was the first real tennis game featuring Mario and his friends, aside from Mario's Tennis on Virtual Boy or the original NES Tennis, where Mario was the referee. Also notable is the fact that Waluigi made his debut in this game as Wario's partner. Along with Mario Golf, released a year earlier, it paved the way for more Mario sports games on the Gamecube and later consoles.

The game is strong for tennis. Mostly intuitive and easy to understand. The court characters look a bit large compared to most tennis games with real players. Running across the field can be a little slippery, like Mario in Super Mario 64, and it can also take a while to figure out how far players are hitting the ball. As with most Mario sports games, each character has slightly different stats that also affect gameplay.

Players can participate in tournaments of increasing difficulty, hoop challenges where the goal is to shoot a ball through hoops, a special match with Bowser using objects and a cutting board, or a piranha challenge where... basically players compete and collect as much. as many coins as possible. Strokes from 50. It's a wide variety of tennis-based games and challenges that are played in pairs. There's a lot to fill in and work on.

While a good selection of characters are unlocked at the start of the game, there are a few that can be unlocked by completing trophies and connecting the Gameboy version of the game to the N64 with a transfer pack. There are also unlockable stadiums and trophies to add more content to the game than meets the eye. As with most Nintendo games, the replay value is very high.

Graphically, the game isn't perfect, but there are some nice touches that enhance the game. Ball Boys are either Bob Oombs or Koopas and will react in a special way when presented with a ball. Mario is usually the referee if he's playing in a game, and Lakito sometimes does fun things as a photographer. In terms of music, the game is passable, but nothing special like in the main games of the Mario series.

Overall, Mario Tennis is a solid tennis game with tons of modes and missions. There are a lot of characters and they're generally a lot of fun, though not too tight control like we see today in realistic tennis games or crazy throws with superpowers like Mario Strikers.

Rating: 72/100
class c

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