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Game Review: Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)

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Game Review: Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)

Need for speed in the game. Most Wanted:
Console: Sony PlayStation 3
Developer: Criterion Games
Posted: November 2, 2012

It's always a bold move to reboot a much-loved game, and even bolder when the new version is much worse. 2005 Need for speed. Most Wanted Need for Speed ​​sits at the heart of the franchise's police chase mechanic, providing a game where players carefully climb the most wanted list; Experience their violations, desirable car conditions and truly fun and challenging police chases in street racing video game. In the 2012 game of the same name, players topped the list for doing little, receiving no arrest penalties, and having no progression or car possession during the game.

Let's start with the basics; Hidden in the game town around Fairview are 123 "nests" where players can get into a car and drive it - 6 races per car - to gain upgrades and SP. The more SP a player has, the higher they move up the wishlist. Participating in chases earns you SP, just like everything else in the game, so climbing the list while you're playing the game is pretty much a no-brainer. Race success is the only way to improve cars, and when you have enough SP, it allows you to challenge the racer to the next position on the list. Win their races and all you have to do is grab their car and get on the list.

This cycle continues until the game is won. Run and get upgrades, take part in police chases and get the most out of your wishlist. There's no real story here, and the multiplayer emphasis is obvious. Fairview is open-world much like Burnout's Paradise City (another Criterion game), though there's little to explore and many races are interrupted by sudden 90-degree turns or imprecise routes. There is a good time progression system and the actual driving element of the game looks pretty good.

There are garages on the map that can be sprayed when blocking cars, especially to help the police chase. Most Wanted '05 offers no hiding places, so players will have to quit GTA V style if they can't find a garage to fill their car with. Escaping the pursuit is usually quite easy, most of the time there are big gaps in the roadblocks. I had a near miss in Most Wanted '05 when there was no break because trying to figure it out at full speed isn't ideal.

Blocking has no effect on pursuit, except for the SP loss you gain from running away. In Most Wanted '05, you had to tag your car, and a 3 meant it was taken forever. Cars from previous games have also retained their heat levels when unpainted, for a more realistic font that won't immediately forget your mistakes once the chase is over. Versions also play a much bigger role in the game, perhaps thanks to the standard; In the case of chasing and racing, the slow exit from exhaustion usually gives the game a slightly different feel than the classic need for speed.

Before each race there is usually a video that has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening. Maybe they were meant as a graphics engine test or some kind of movie test, but I skipped most of them. It's also worth noting that some race and car jacks are locked unless you purchase all 5 DLC packs for the game. It looks like the start of Need for Speed ​​Payback style monetization with the release of the Time Saver Pack alongside the game, which will help you get all the points from Jack and unlock all the cars in multiplayer.

Graphically, the game is superb. Needs speed if not better than 2011. Running is sad progress is so much less pleasant. At many points in the race, the AI ​​evened the score in my favor at the finish line, essentially giving me the unwanted win. I know this game has multiplayer and features, but a little effort in singleplayer doesn't make multiplayer better.

Overall, when I was playing with a bunch of cars, given away for free without having to invest in them, I usually didn't care about upgrades or driving other than earning SP, which was criminally easy. Anyway, number 7 on the 11 most wanted list in 3 hours shows me that the single player mode was a first thought for the online multiplayer need for DLC speed and theirs. just my thing

Score: 61/100
Rating: D

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