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Game Review: Need for Speed: Undercover

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Judul : Game Review: Need for Speed: Undercover
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Game Review: Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for speed game. Invisible:
Console: Sony PlayStation 3
Developer: EA Black Box
This item will be released on November 21, 2008

Need for Speed: A Secretly Exciting Moment for the Franchise. Most Wanted '05 and Carbon were two of the most loved and critically acclaimed games in the series, but ProStreet never achieved the same level of success, partly due to its emphasis on street racing. While secretly trying to return to the roots of the series, several gameplay mechanics have been brought back from much needed and carbon. Especially the police escort system and some of the racing, although the AI ​​is straight out of ProStreet and gives the game a few issues for the most part.

One of the new aspects of Undercover is live-action storytelling, as the game's storyline is told through pre-recorded videos with real actors. In a photorealistic game this might work well, but with Undercover's clearly bad graphics, the live-action scenes feel disconnected from the game, coupled with the storyline is enough to do little. The main twist of the game would not have been interesting if it had been preserved, but the introduction of the game is flawed.

The types of races under Speed's hood are different at first glance, but the highway combat and outdoor modes are essentially modified canyon chases (minus the canyon), circuit and sprint races that are the core elements of the series' appeal. : and race to checkpoints. To make the players understand how clean the city map is. The last three types of events that raise the temperature include Cop Takedown and Cost to State events, which usually involve the AI ​​chasing you, crash shooters, and Escape, which is just a cop trying to escape.

Some races are major events that advance the storyline and the characters in the game. They often resemble stolen car pickups and police chases. Some races reward players with a new car with a pink slider; They can't be sold, but they give you the option of buying vehicles from the more expensive shop or paying real money to unlock vehicles in the PS store.

The police chase is like the need for speed. For those featured in Most Wanted, anything other than simple actions like turning a corner or driving in a straight line is enough to completely lose the police's attention. Add to that the useless artificial intelligence during the race and the lack of cars on the road on the map and Undercover feels like you're in a ghost town full of incompetent cops and drivers.

While most of the reviews I've received so far have been negative, the game's street racing is excellent. Aside from motion blur, the speed and handling feel is somewhere between Most Wanted and ProStreet. Somehow the game goes wild; Constant loading, frame rate issues, stuttering, cars sometimes freezing for a few seconds, cars flying through the air when players race, and other audio visual issues make Undercover a very difficult game to play.

Although Much Wanted and Carbon both ported over to 7th generation systems, meaning that Undercover is technically the 3rd game of this console generation, it's graphically much weaker and often feels like a PS2 game. Car customization options come straight from ProStreet like some car models and even the police radio clips seem to come from the most wanted. The soundtrack is decent enough, but for some reason it only plays during races, leaving free movement eerily quiet. The music stops randomly while playing, probably because the rest of the game is also flawed.

General need for speed. The secret is confusion. It's easy enough to want to return to street racing after a failed experiment called ProStreet, but in 16 months of development, Black Box has only managed to remake Most Wanted, which is worse. The story is definitely more detailed, but it feels like a grind, the graphics and gameplay are not on par with the game released 3 years ago and there is no reason to play it in secret when there are games like Carbon and the most wanted. .

Score: 44/100
Degree: E

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