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Game Review: Parappa The Rapper 2

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Game Review: Parappa The Rapper 2

Game: PaRappa The Rapper 2
Console: Sony PlayStation 2
Developer: NaNaOn-Sha
Release Date: April 5, 2002

PaRappa The Rapper is an unmistakable, albeit short, Playstation classic that features classic rhythmic gameplay, a whimsical story, and a whimsical art style with whimsical 2D characters. PaRappa 2 is the first direct sequel, with the exception of the spin-off Um Jammer Lammy, which has a similar gameplay focusing on guitar playing rather than rapping. Ultimately, PaRapper 2 isn't much different in terms of gameplay, music, or style, but it's more of an expansion for the first game since moving to next-gen consoles.

The pace in this part feels tighter than in the first game, with less input lag and more room for improvisation. As before, the game evaluates the creativity of the player within certain limits. It's hard to know exactly what a game needs to get an "excellent" rating, but it's easy enough to get a "good" rating, which is necessary to complete a stage. Another small step is to switch from one note to another, which creates short clips and makes it easier or harder to enter beats. It can be confusing at times, but it works pretty well.

Characters from the first game reappear in an interesting way, and it's a clear nod to the fans who loved the original. The plot is the same as always, and a little longer, but the main advantage here is the replay value of the game. After the game is completed, Parappa's hat changes color and each rap's lyrics become more difficult with each game. There are also phases vs. where improv plays a key role and players have to deal with a computer that works great and adds the necessary content.

The Parappa the Rapper series is intended for a narrow audience; Somewhat terrible lyrics, 2D characters with bright and simple colors, and rhythmic gameplay may be game-changers for some players. However, for those who can see beyond the game's unique features, it's a fun experience only held back by its overall length. Although a licensed rhythm game may have a large list of songs, all songs featured are original recordings with individual parappa voices that can be played at any time for improvisational purposes.

Graphically, the game has improved over the Playstation, but as previously mentioned, the characters still have a 2D style. Some stages may be a bit more visually appealing, although gamers will likely focus on the required button input. As usual, the music is upbeat and invariably funky, although some of the similar rhymes in the lyrics require some study.

Overall, Parappa The Rapper 2 is more like how players enjoy other games in the series. It might be an interesting entry into the series for new players, but the first game will be a step back in terms of replay value and responsive controls. The Playstation 2 is a console where games of all kinds can thrive, and with a 5-year gap between it and the original, we're lucky to have a sequel to a very special but much-loved game.

Rating: 73/100
class c

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