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Game Review: Sega Rally Championship

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Judul : Game Review: Sega Rally Championship
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Game Review: Sega Rally Championship

Game: Sega Rally Championship
Console: computer
Developer: Sega
Date of publication: October 11, 1994

It's not often that a game with so little content is able to fully impress its players by playing alone, but Sega Rally Championship easily accomplishes this feat. With only 3 main stages, a 1st place bonus stage at the end of 3rd and 2 main cars, there isn't much variety in terms of content to explore. The manipulation of the arcades and the design of the scenes presented are simply wonderful; Fast-paced rally action with thrilling progression and the ambitious goal of taking first place after just 3 stages.

In the first stage, the "desert" has difficult curves, in the next stage the "forest" is a bit unforgiving and has difficult curves. In the main final stage, the "mountain" has many curves and sharp sharp pins in the middle section. Finally, the hidden bonus stage at Lakeside is the toughest of all, with many long corners requiring professional braking to stay ahead and win the rally and match.

Graphically, the game is very impressive when viewed at high speed; The grass and rocks flow and the faded texture almost feels like a speed effect. But at a slower pace and at some points in the game, the textures are less impressive, look old and low-res, and sometimes zoom in and out. The game's music is excellent and matches the fast-paced atmosphere and racing action, conveying the classic feel of Sega's soundtrack.

Overall, the Sega Rally Championship is the best 1994 Rally players could ever want; Exciting racing and sounds, good challenge and a variety of tracks, only the lack of content stops. It's a true case of quality over quantity, which means it's still fun despite the lack of depth.

Score: 84/100
Class B

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