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Game Review: Sonic Adventure 2

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Judul : Game Review: Sonic Adventure 2
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Game Review: Sonic Adventure 2

Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Console: Sega Dreamcast
Developer: Sonic Team
This item will be released on June 18, 2001

Sonic Adventure 2 was the sequel to Sonic Adventure, the first true 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game and in my opinion one of the best games in the Sonic series overall. While the original had some issues, such as having to complete stages like Big Cat and E101 to unlock Super Sonic, stages based on Sonic, Knuckles, and E101 appeared in (free) Sonic Adventure 2 as part of the Light storyline and Dark. which had separate stages for each team's three characters.

The Sonic and Shadow levels have the basic gameplay found in a 3D Sonic game, consisting of platforming, collecting rings, and jumping through boss battles. Stages are similar to Tails and Dr. Finally, Knuckles and Rouge play Knuckles' levels in Sonic Adventure, with three specific items to collect and a proximity radar.

Light and Dark Story has several stages that are very fun to play, such as City Escape, Water Mine and Green Forest. Unfortunately, there are some annoying levels that don't work well, like Eternal Engine, Crazy Gadget, and Meteor Herd. At this stage, it depends on the player how much patience he needs to overcome and play the best stages that await him. Sonic Adventure's problem was boring stages full of characters, but Sonic Adventure 2 has some nice overall stages that you have to complete.

Depending on how the players choose to play, this can be good or bad. Almost every Sonic level in Sonic Adventure was good, but anyone looking to have fun playing Big the Cat or E101 will be disappointed. Here, the character list is narrowed down to three game modes, two of which work consistently well. The level design is generally very good, with plenty to see and do. I never bothered with Chao Garden, but it is clearly better than the first game.

The game looks good in terms of graphics. While there are moments where the camera zooms in on a particularly low-res part of the level, all of the stages give a good sense of scope and scale during the normal action, but feel less tied to the overall story events than Sonic's stages. .

Overall, Sonic Adventure 2 is fun to play; If it was a part of your childhood, or if you have fond memories of the game, you'll probably find it interesting to watch the dark and light stories. However, if you've never played before or don't like 3D Sonic games, there are things that might impress you or change your mind. In terms of quality, Sonic Adventure and its sequel really aren't that different.

Score: 79/100
Grade B

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