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Game Review: Top Gear Rally

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Game Review: Top Gear Rally

Top Gear Rally Game
Console: Nintendo 64
Developer: Boss Game Studios
Publication date: 1997

Top Gear Rally is a simple yet fun rally game for Nintendo 64. There are two main game modes: arcade and tournament, as well as time trial and training modes. In arcade mode, players race against AI opponents on three laps at checkpoints on an unlocked race track. In Tournament Mode, players race through the seasons, trying to get an overall score to advance and unlock new cars and tracks.

There are three types of processing in the game; A, B and C. A is the loosest control when the player's car spins and slides very easily. Type C handling is the stiffest, takes longer to turn, and almost never touches the hub. Personally, I find type B to be the best, as it falls somewhere between those two extremes, allowing the player to slide when necessary without being wasteful, and not overturn the car or become an obstacle. There seemed to be no going back, which meant that one mistake could spell the end of the race.

The choice of cars is limited by the lack of rights; All cars are given two-letter nicknames. Their stats are different, but there is nothing else to do when choosing a car, and the difference is noticeable in control. You can create and save edited bumper stickers, but you can also apply standard stickers. There was probably more variety in the types of cars shown; Almost all of them resemble the same type of racing cars.

The routes are interesting and varied; The Beach and Forest tracks will open first, offering different racing experiences. The jungle track is reminiscent of Sega Rally Championship 2 with wide corners and open terrain. The only downside here is that the track does not have a point-to-point format like many later rally titles. The arcade mode also features my other favorite races, which are competitive checkpoint races; it is not enough to defeat the AI; You also have to fight against time. Checkpoints can be ideal for a temporary regime.

Graphically, the game is good enough for that era, but it's definitely dated due to modern graphics. The abundance of fog hides the lack of detail on the horizon and an interesting range, but the route itself covers this problem well. The game's soundtrack features music loops that are sometimes short, but this is to be expected from a cartridge game compared to disc-based PS1 games of the time.

Overall, Top Gear Rally scores in the main areas of real-world gameplay; Championship mode is fun and competitive with different race tracks. Arcade mode can be tricky due to the extra time limit, but once a few faster cars are unlocked, it won't be too much of an issue. It would be nice to see more development in the game if there were only cars and tracks. Unlock players to complete the tournament mode, but it will take hours to enjoy.

Rating: 66/100
Class C

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