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Game Review: Virtua Striker 2

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Judul : Game Review: Virtua Striker 2
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Game Review: Virtua Striker 2

Game: Virtua Striker 2
Console: Sega Dreamcast
Developer: Sega
Date of publication: February 29, 2000

When it comes to playing arcade games on a home console, players usually expect reliable performance from the arcade software. This usually involves perfecting the arcade game, controls and graphics, which of course is not always possible. After playing a bit of Virtua Striker 2 in arcade format, I had high hopes that the original console version would be much better in every way. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.

Home conversions of arcade games often add new game modes, but Virtua Striker seems intent on tricking players into believing there are new modes. There are many modes to choose from when you start the game; Playground mode is KO tournament, World Cup is KO tournament and tournament mode is also KO tournament. Basically, there is no difference between these three modes, because the same options can be set for each. Additionally, there is an option to play in a league or rate your performance in a game.

Due to the arcade style of the game, the controls are very simple for a soccer game, meaning that the game involves passing, kicking and shooting rather than true tactical elements. Also, only the D-pad is used to move players and aim passes, rendering the analog stick useless. The flow of the game is complex and mainly revolves around ball control and passing.

The camera follows the ball at a very tight angle, which can make even the most serious players sick, and the action swings back and forth quite a bit compared to the actual game. The ability to easily switch formations is a nice feature of the game, along with the easy to pick up and play nature, but these are the only ones I get. International teams are the only teams that have a lot of virtual bonus teams and have no focus on reality.

Graphically, the game is very good for its time; The players are not small, without detail, and the crowds and stadiums are still very featureless. No game reviews, arcade-like event announcements. The game suffers a bit from being an arcade game, as there are no half-times, red cards, or other features you'd expect when playing multiple modes. These features appear in the World Cup mode, but they are not enough to return the game.

Overall, Virtua Striker 2 is a simple version of arcade soccer with clunky controls and gameplay, little realism, no feedback, and little reason to come home to a console. There are a lot of great soccer games out there for the Dreamcast, and in such a crowded genre, it doesn't deserve to be mediocre by any means. Arcade sports conversions often fail when compared to home console exclusives, and this is another case in point.

Rating: 32/100
Section: E

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