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Master System Month: Alien 3

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Judul : Master System Month: Alien 3
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Master System Month: Alien 3

The game; strange d
Console: Sega Master System
Developer: Probe Entertainment
Release date: 1992

I haven't seen the Alien movies yet, but before you tell me to stop playing the Master System games and watch them now, please note that the Master System is clearly unrelated to the overall plot of the Alien 3 Players has to do movies or TV series. They are tasked with rescuing their comrades. , trapped in underground channels infested by Xenomorphs, which are very fast and can spit acid. Luckily, weapons and health boosts are scattered around to aid players in an otherwise difficult mission.

While there aren't many differences from level to level, the gameplay is tight, responsive, and fun. Planning routes to avoid damage to Xenomorphs and tracking allies around the map adds a strategic element to the game, and the easy controls allow players to focus on that as well.

Graphically the game is nothing special; Many shades of the same type are usually seen, with gray and blue being the worst offenses, as well as walls, floors, xenomorphs, and player jersey colors. However, the music is good and serves as a nice accompaniment to the game's changing pacing due to Xenomorph attacks.

All in all, Alien 3 is a fun little Master System game with a good core concept and gameplay that just needs a little more variety to become a real console classic. Exploring the tunnels and stairs in the game is a nice touch for platformers of the time, and the experience is generally much better than most licensed games from the 80's.

Result: 73/100
Rating: C

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