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Master System Month: Battle Outrun

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Master System Month: Battle Outrun

Beyond Game War:
Console: Sega Master System
Developer: Sega
Release year: 1989

Battle Outrun is one of four Master System Outrun titles, the best outrun itself, the original release. Next came Outrun 3-D, which required Master System 3D glasses. Battle Outrun was the third installment and plays more like Chase HQ than an entry in the Outrun series. The last entry in the Outrun series for the Master System was Outrun Europe, a remarkably slow game that didn't even do the franchise justice.

The Battle Outrun spell fails as an outrun on some levels; It starts off promisingly, letting players choose one of 8 game levels set in the US and one of four radio tracks to accompany the game. But from the beginning of the game, the "rogue machine", acting through bosses who wait and watch at the end of each level, constantly tries to disturb the player. In previous overtakes, traffic wasn't actively blocking, but it snaked through the entire track, killing any sense of forward motion.

In the first half of each level you have to drive far enough to gain access to an upgraded van that allows players to buy better car parts and nitro, useful for getting bosses that do more damage later. In the second half of the level, players drive to avoid the boss, then crash their car as many times as possible, preferably on a turn for maximum damage.

In both phases of the game, bandit cars constantly block the road and prevent players from having fun driving. All stages are time based and after the first few there isn't enough time to reach the boss let alone destroy his car. Engine and nitro boosts help complete stages faster, but the manual recommends saving nitrogen to damage bosses.

Graphically, the game looks pretty average for 1989, the car models in the game aren't great, and it's hard to see any villain cars over the horizon. The different locations in America are interesting, but the landscapes lack detail. With four music tracks to choose from, there are plenty of sound options, but none of the classic outrun tunes found in the game.

Overall, Battle Outrun is disappointing in terms of both features and gameplay. Deviating from the Outrun formula leaves a game that feels like Chase HQ, but is worse, less fun than regular Outrun, and lacking any unique selling points. It's not a terrible game, but you'd expect more from an Outrun game, and the constant hacking is sure to annoy any player.

Rating: 45/100
Rating: D

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