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Master System Month: Enduro Racer

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Judul : Master System Month: Enduro Racer
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Master System Month: Enduro Racer

Game: Enduro Racer
Console: Sega Master System
Developer: Sega
Release date: 1987

Enduro Racer, one of Master Systems' earliest game lines to compete with Nintendo's Black Box line, was Sega's answer to Excitebike. While Excitebike used a horizontal scrolling effect, Sega decided that diagonal scrolling would create some kind of "amazing 3D effect" for enduro racing. not worth it. As a result of diagonal scrolling, players must see obstacles in their path instead of scrolling horizontally, and also constantly aim slightly to the right.

The game consists of ten point-to-point levels with a vague theme, many inclines that seem to slow the bike down more than anything else, and various obstacles that often come off the road and damage the bike. There are also competitors who run together; Running over them will give you points after the stage is over, but running over them will cause more damage to the bike.

Graphically, the game uses a bright color scheme, bright 2D objects for cars, bikes and terrain effects, and zigzag scrolling. After 4th and 5th places it is difficult to reach any level and as the game progresses crashes become inevitable and damage the bike beyond repair. The game's background music gets old quickly, and the engine sounds a little too loud for my liking.

Overall, it's the kind of game you'd expect in 1987, especially with so many PCs on the market. It's been a while since we've really known what console gaming could achieve, and video games were more of a bit of software you could waste time on than a deeper experience. But Excitebike is better.

Rating: 28/100
Section: F

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