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Master System Month: Penguin Land

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Judul : Master System Month: Penguin Land
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Master System Month: Penguin Land

Game: Penguin Land
Console: Sega Master System
Developer: Sega
Publication date: 1988

When I left Penguin Land and was greeted by the colorful title screen, I thought I was in for a pretty simple 8-bit puzzle game. However, it's a little more difficult, as players are tasked with guiding penguin eggs through levels, breaking blocks, getting past polar bears, eagles, and other dangers, and saving themselves. The main screen has 30 levels to choose from, as well as a level editor where players can create their own.

Players can move the penguin with the D-pad, and jump and break blocks with the two buttons on the controller. Eggs can only fall from a short distance, and blocks can only be broken by adjacent blocks, meaning that some planning is required to get the eggs to the end of the level. With polar bears patrolling and eagles trying to crack your eggs if you leave them in one place for too long, this puzzle game has a difficulty not often found in 8-bit games.

Graphically, the game is simple, but it has enough detail to complete the objectives, and the special types of blocks and enemies clearly force players to plan their way through the levels. Only one piece of music plays during gameplay, which is a little disappointing, but there's definitely plenty of room on the Master System cartridge. At least the music isn't too loud or repetitive.

Overall, Penguin Land is a much better puzzle game than it might first appear, and the levels have just the right size and gameplay feel to give them good replay value. The level editor is also a big plus, as players who have mastered how the game works can test themselves at their level and continue the fun.

Rating: 62/100
Class: C

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