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Master System Month: R-Type

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Judul : Master System Month: R-Type
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Master System Month: R-Type

Game: type R
Console: Sega Master
Developed By: Irem
day of issue; 1988

R-Type is a great shooter of its time, with detailed backgrounds, different music for each of its levels, tight gameplay, and a great side challenge. Many remasters during this time took a much simpler approach and this helped set R-Type apart as a well-rounded gaming experience.

Players control a ship and lead the efforts against the Bydo Empire, shooting down everything in their path. By gathering additional reinforcements, weapons and accessories, you join the fight and increase your attack skills. The bosses at the end of each level are well designed and represent a final obstacle to overcome before moving on to a new area.

Graphically the game looks great for the first era of the Master System, enemies, bosses and levels are detailed and varied. While the firing controls are generally straightforward, the R-Type is easy to maneuver and allows players to choose whether their additional weapons are attached or floating, which is a nice touch.

Overall, but very challenging, R-Type gives players more credits with some cheat codes and never uses cheap tactics to beat players. Due to its characteristics, it precedes other films of the time by years and defines it as a classic.

Score: 74/100
class B

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