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Master System Month: Spider-man

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Judul : Master System Month: Spider-man
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Master System Month: Spider-man

Game: Spiderman
Console: Sega Master System
Developer: Technopop
Date of publication: 1991

Depending on what you want from a Spider-Man video game, it's entirely possible that the Master System's Spider-Man is tolerable. The classic web sliding between levels is nice and smooth and works well with the controls, and it's pretty easy to web the bad guys and send them flying off the screen. However, the problem lies in the overall premise of the game; Players have 25 minutes to collect 5 Spider-Man Keys from 5 enemies and defuse the bomb.

In the storyline The Kingpin accuses Spider-Man of planting the bomb and everyone believes that Peter Parker must clear Spider-Man's name before he can stop it. Most levels involve building platforms, defeating baddies and bosses, and surfing the web. Between levels, the story progresses with images and text that are difficult to read.

Graphically, the game is pretty average for the time; The sprites are small but easy enough to figure out who it is and the positions are recognizable but not particularly accurate. The music isn't particularly catchy, but it's the combination of the overall time limit, some difficult parts of the game, and repetitive gameplay that make Spider-Man Master System the most frustrating.

Overall, the story is not very interesting; Collecting 5 keys to defuse a bomb you planted seems like quite the task, and we'll have to wait for the Spider-Man games on the PlayStation 2 before we get the web-slinging action we want from a licensed video like this. game. A Mega Drive version of this game was also released, but this is one of the rare cases where a Master System game is better than the 16-bit version.

Rating: 60/100
Title: D

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