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Master System Month: Strider

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Master System Month: Strider

The game: The Sims
Console: Sega Master System
Developer: Capcom
Date of publication: 1991

Strider is set in 2048, a dystopian future where the player character, Hirok's mission is to assassinate the Grandmaster, the leader of the Eastern European Federation. Although the levels aren't that big, players can navigate the game's 5 levels using Metroid-style 8-way movement and jumps. Attacks are performed with Cypher, a plasma sword that can be swung from either side of Hiru.

The gameplay is fun and intuitive, although the motion is a bit slow and the sprites are a bit flashy during very busy moments. There are a variety of bonuses to help players progress through the levels, and health items are especially useful when Hiru takes damage to level up.

Enemies vary between run-and-gun style objectives, mini-bosses, and other unique ideas that blend well with the game's jumping and exploration elements. There is a good variety in the game's five levels, mostly representing Eastern Europe. An experienced player should be able to master the level and complete the entire game within 15 minutes.

Strider features one of my favorite 8-bit bosses, an image of the Grandmaster that translated well to the most powerful consoles of the time. Interestingly, the Master System version used the resources of the previous Amiga PC version.

Graphically, the game is impressive for the Master System and competes well with other 8-bit releases. Unfortunately, the game is slow and choppy, but that's normal for great titles. Since there is only one track that matches the game, the music can get boring after a while, although the game does have other jingles here and there.

Overall, Strider Master System is a fun and capable game that suffers a bit from console limitations. With a little speed and care, this could be one of the console's best titles.

Score: 61/100
Grade: D

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