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Master System Month: Super Space Invaders

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Master System Month: Super Space Invaders

Although I've been a bit busy with other projects lately, I haven't forgotten about this review blog. I recently received a Master System Converter for Mega Drive in the mail and I'm back and ready to return to my January 2018 retro Master System review month. That means all 26 Master System games I haven't reviewed will get one! Start with...

Game: Super Space Invaders
Console: Sega Master System
Developer: Domark
Release date: 1991

Although Space Invaders has been around for a long time when the game was released, it has many new features to entertain its players. First, the game graphics are more attractive than ever, and attackers no longer move in the same way. Elements from other shooters have been added to enhance gameplay and keep the series relevant. Players also have shields to avoid instant death from enemy fire and power-ups that drop from UFOs that fly across the top of the screen when hit.

There are tons of levels, each a little different, and some of them contain bosses or interesting variations on normal gameplay. While some elements were taken from other shooters, the screen didn't scroll anywhere, which was a missed opportunity due to the series of similar games back in 1991. They wanted to sell retro games with only their franchise name. instead, you should try to keep up with the times and sell through its features and gameplay.

Visually, the game looks good for a mainframe with nice color tones and boss designs, but the generic sound and enemies are a bit disappointing. As for the sound, the soundtrack is nothing at all, and the sound effects themselves are pretty poor. Being a companion piece to Space Invaders '91 Mega Drive, this is to be expected.

Overall, Super Space Invaders is fun to play, it spawns a dead franchise and is way better thanSpace Invaders Anniversary on PS2. Sometimes there isn't much you can do with an existing franchise; sometimes you can change things (as in the case ofSpace Invaders: Invasion Day for PS2 ). With the release of the Atari 2600 Flashback on PS4, it's inevitable that the nostalgia for these games will continue, even if it's okay.

Rating: 54/100
Class: D

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