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Mobile Game Review: Colour Switch

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Mobile Game Review: Colour Switch

Color change game:
Blackboard: Mobile
Developer: FortafyGames
Publication date: June 12, 2015

I've been eyeing a mobile game for a long time; partly because I want this blog to be about console games, but also because my old cell phone barely has enough memory to try any games. After getting a new phone, it's normal for me to regularly check out the best games in the app store because there are games worth trying out. Color Switch is a game with a simple concept. Shoot the ball through the obstacles to reach the finish line. There are currently 35 game modes with different rules based on the idea of ​​getting the ball to the finish line.

The variety of game modes makes this game stand out among similar games on the app store. Of course, some of them are not as good as others, but in general, each new mode is an exciting challenge and a new look at what you can do with the ball and the colorful obstacles. Most of the games are based on a color changing mode which is done by swiping a color changing icon and it remains the same in most game modes avoiding obstacles of your same color and passing obstacles of your same color.

Color change is particularly notable for its consistent and reliable control; While players can only touch and swipe the screen to control each mode, the gameplay is intuitive and any mishaps are the player's fault, not the game's. The only real downside to having so many game modes (besides the amount of time you'll spend playing through them all) is that there are some modes that are almost clones of the original "challenge" game mode mentioned above. Players who enjoy playing all the levels of their games can avoid the color change by considering more than 1000 levels.

Daily challenges and bonuses are welcome to the game, and players collect stars in every way, where they can get a new design of the ball they carry in the levels. However, all stars are consumable. While it's nice to unlock everything in the game, sticking through a large set of levels can help with a little more reward than changing what I control in each level.

Graphically, the game is very clean and intuitive, with simple shapes and colors making up most of the imagination. I occasionally wished I could touch the screen more so that what I wanted to see wasn't obscured, but overall it didn't make much of a difference. The music that accompanies the game is quite inoffensive and in no way adds or detracts from anything.

Total Color Changer is a well-designed and fun way to pass the time with lots of different gameplay options to keep players busy. You may want to mix things up and introduce different modes of linear progression to keep players entertained, but more content is better than too little. It's nice to see a mobile game with very little closed content (the only paid content is unlocking levels and getting more stars rather than beating levels), although there are pretty constant ads that we've come to expect. .

Rating: 85/100
Title: B

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