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PC Action Puzzle Double Header: Duet and Rflex

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Judul : PC Action Puzzle Double Header: Duet and Rflex
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PC Action Puzzle Double Header: Duet and Rflex

Game: Duet
Console: PC
Developer: Kumobius
Published: October 10, 2013

Both of the games featured in today's review are action-packed puzzle games with an arcade twist in both gameplay and overall difficulty. This duo challenges players to navigate two balls between an increasing number of falling blocks. Balls can only be rolled clockwise and counter-clockwise, so careful planning is required to succeed flawlessly. If one of the balls hits a block, the levels will immediately return to the starting position to try again. The top left corner shows the number of moves left to complete the level perfectly.

Each level is named after a period of grief and has a loose story that is told as players continue to progress through the levels. Alongside the story mode, there is an impressive array of additional modes such as epilogue, daily challenge, endless mode and more. This is important in a game where the difficulty can be overwhelming at times and you need a break at certain levels. It still feels like the level ends with some pretty good gameplay, but some of the later levels are obscured by the amount of blocks thrown at players to avoid them.

Graphically, the game is similar to many indie games in its simplicity; Two colors on a black and white background make player actions clear and leave no excuses for mistakes. Story modes are presented with text before levels, which could probably be a bit more creative. The music goes well with each set of levels, providing some much-needed entertainment as you continuously complete the challenging tasks.

All in all, Duet is the kind of challenging game that allows players to relax in a trance state and watch what's happening on screen and run away almost automatically after a while. It can be a frustrating or relaxing experience depending on various factors during gameplay, but later on I really enjoyed my time with the game, even though some levels took up a disproportionate amount of my playtime.

Score: 76/100
Category B

Game: Reflex
Console: PC
Developer: Wesley LeFerrier
Published: August 26, 2015

Rflex is a fast-paced block-evasion game in which players control a series of pentagons within a 3x3 9-dot grid. The arrow keys or WASD are used to steer the pentagon along the grid and avoid input blocks appearing in patterns and crossing the grid. A player's score is recorded as the time they spend without hitting a block. The goal of the first level is to last 60 seconds without getting hit. This is harder than it looks as you need good concentration to figure out where the blocks are coming from.

The game has different levels of difficulty, differing in speed and blocks, becoming more and more impossible as you progress. I'm sure it goes both ways with enough practice, but unlike Duet, some of the harder levels in Rflex seem nearly impossible without mind-reading skills. However, with its fast-paced action and near-instant reset, there's always another try around the corner, and it's easy to rack up hundreds of passes without thinking about it while the hunt for the best score gets exciting.

Graphically, the game is very simple and reminiscent of early arcade games, especially with the simulated CRT screen. The grid moves around a bit during gameplay, which can be confusing if you're concentrating, but it adds a little more challenge. The soundtrack is very energetic and appropriate for the game until players relax in an almost trance state, dodging blocks while entering a place where a more relaxing set of tunes can be beautiful.

All in all, Rflex is an arcade game that you play for 10 minutes now and then until you somehow get better at not exercising. I can't imagine sitting through this watch due to the lack of depth and variety, but it's a fun little distraction nonetheless.

Score: 67/100
Rating: C

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