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PC Puzzle Double Header: Mini Metro and Hexcells

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Judul : PC Puzzle Double Header: Mini Metro and Hexcells
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PC Puzzle Double Header: Mini Metro and Hexcells

Mini metro game:
Console: computer
Developed by: Dinosaur Polo Club
Release date: November 6, 2015

London Underground Map is a beautiful design that simplifies and conveys the information needed by passengers with ease. Mini Metro's artistic style relies heavily on this design, and it can be played almost instantly thanks to the almost universal understanding of the metro map concept. In Mini Metro, stations of various shapes appear on the map and are connected to the railways created by the players. Passengers depart from stations that have the shape of the station they want to reach and are directed to the most efficient station of this type.

In normal mode, the game ends when too many passengers are waiting too long at the station and it becomes overcrowded. Efficiency is the goal in Endless mode, and players strive to find the best way to connect the new stations. In Extreme mode, the game ends when a station is captured, but all installed tracks remain unchanged, which means careful planning is required when new stations appear in difficult locations.

The main game mode contains several cities, each with their own problems, such as overcrowding, rivers or islands, which makes it difficult for stations to communicate effectively. During the week in the game, players receive upgrades such as more trains, wagons, tunnels, and tracks to build. There is a maximum number of tracks that can be used, but it is possible to erase everything and change the train system in all but the most extreme cases.

Strangely shaped stations are a problem, as circles and triangles appear more often, pentagons and stars will be unique stations on the map, forcing you to join as many lines as possible to avoid complicated journeys from distant stations. Videos of stats and progress are available in-game, which can be fun to follow and contribute to the strategic element of the game as players constantly try to improve their past efforts.

Graphically, the game is very beautiful, it borrows from the London Underground map and eloquently changes the necessary features to make the game easy to understand. The smooth soundtrack blends in well with the gameplay and conveys the buzzing traffic network that can be seen from above.

Overall, Mini Metro is a puzzle game that might only appeal to a certain group of players due to its lack of action and story, but as a vehicle-based puzzle game, it offers an amazing amount of options and gameplay, which is what I am up to now. all for. To go back in time. . again and again. It's not a game that I will play for hours on end or every day of the week, but an hour here and there is a great respite and a beautiful visual experience.

Score: 84/100
Class B:

Hexagons game
Console: computer
Developer: Matthew Brown
Release date: February 19, 2014

Hexcells is a puzzle game reminiscent of the classic Minesweeper from Microsoft. As a Minesweeper fan, I was very interested in seeing how the concept worked with 6 border cells instead of 8 and a clean, minimalistic design. As players progress through the game's six "worlds," new items are added to keep puzzles fresh, and Sudoku and Math items are added. To complete the level, players receive gems, the amount of which depends on the number of mistakes made. Each world requires a certain amount of gems to unlock, although nothing changes from one world to the next other than slight fluctuations in difficulty.

Hexcells is a very short game with only 36 puzzles that can be easily solved in one go. By the end of the game, I was a little tired of the concept, and it's definitely not something I want to play for hours on end. While this is a clever adaptation of Sapper, little is done to increase the excitement or the overall replay value. The most fun puzzle was the logical solution without errors, but it was as fun as it sounds.

Graphically, Hexcells are clean and tidy, using only three colors. It's an expected look for a puzzle game like this, but it works well and makes things easy to see. Musically speaking, there's also a simple soundtrack that links to button presses and in-game events. My biggest disappointment with the title in general was that it's easy to confuse the left and right buttons when you're deep in gameplay, as right-clicking reveals unlit areas. A left click marks the highlighted areas. This resulted in some avoidable bugs, but that's probably my fault, not the game's fault.

Overall, Hexcells is a competent puzzle game but it's fairly short and average. I've since had two series that expand the formula even further, but it would have been better if they were released as a full set of 108 puzzles rather than the 36 in each title for three fairly short games. I enjoyed the game, but now that all six worlds are complete, I probably won't touch it again.

Score: 66/100
Classification: C

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