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PSP Month: Chili Con Carnage

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Judul : PSP Month: Chili Con Carnage
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PSP Month: Chili Con Carnage

Chili Butchery Game with:
Console: Sony PlayStation Portable
The developer. deadline games
Release date: February 16, 2007

If you've already played Total Overdose, you know exactly what to expect from Chili Con Carnage; very similar game from the same developer. With a Mexican theme, third-person shooter gameplay, and plenty of chain attacks, the game has a quirky and sometimes fun approach. There are 7 missions in total, each divided into several parts, but the overall gameplay is extremely monotonous as players battle through the levels and shoot as many as possible with auto aim.

The overall story of the game has a bit of humor in it and is clearly not to be taken too seriously; The gameplay seems to be the main attraction. However, I found the gameplay quite boring and not enough variety to justify the 7 missions. Sure, there are combos that players can chain together by jumping and shooting enemies, but auto-targeting kills the entire game.

Graphically, the game is pretty average and has nothing of interest except for the Mexican theme, which gets old fast. The levels are laid out in a fairly linear style, although some exploration is required to find the next objective. The music and voice acting are mostly comedic, which is to be expected in games like this.

Overall, Chili Con Carnage is too short to be considered a full gaming experience, too long a niche game concept that tries to be more fun than it is, with boring gameplay and lackluster combos and shooting options. Without auto aim, hitting enemies can at least be fun, but instead players will create a fire button when enemies appear.

Result: 44/100
Grade: E

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