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PSP Month: Playstation Network Collection: Power Pack

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Judul : PSP Month: Playstation Network Collection: Power Pack
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PSP Month: Playstation Network Collection: Power Pack

Game: PlayStation Network Pack: Power Pack
Console: Sony PlayStation Portable
Developer: Sony
Publication date: October 24, 2008

The PSN Collection: Power Pack is a collection of three Playstation Network games released for the Playstation Portable, including Beats, FLOw, and Siphon Filter: Combat Ops. I will review this as a group, as individual games are often sharp or short. It's also an interesting selection of titles; Fast-paced, relaxing indie "life simulation", shooter, but maybe they were different?


As a fan of rhythm games, I was pretty sure I would love the beats. It allows players to import music from Memory Stick Pro Duo and create beat-based beat maps for players to play along with. The tracks that come with Beats by default are all lifeless and don't show the game off in the best possible light, but if you're an active electronic music fan, you're in luck. I decided to import the song "Wild Frontier" by The Prodigy and ended up feeling like Beatmap was working with the song to create steps in time with the beat.

The game area has 3 "landing pads" per stage, players press the corresponding button when the icon is in the middle of the landing platform. If a step is taken on the left or right plate, the d plate must be installed in the opposite direction to record the step. It's not too complicated, but anyone who has regularly played rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution or Rhythm Heaven will probably forget to swipe left and right every now and then.

Graphically, the game has a simple interface, but has a wide variety of backgrounds and themes to play with. It's a fun experience and some songs work better than others. It's really a matter of luck. It would be hard to listen to an album that way, but I can't imagine wanting to play more than 5 tracks in a row in the Beats format.

Overall, it's not bad for an organically paced game, and the near-infinite selection of songs is great, although the game only allows up to 127 hits at a time. Supercharged and the later Fever mode are also nice touches, but I think Beats lacks a truly unique selling point that sets it apart from other beatmap-based rhythm games like Audiosurf and Dance Factory.

Rating: 6/10

to flow

FLOw is a very simple deep sea imagery game where players control a creature and "eat" other creatures to get bigger and more detailed. Each screen is very small, but players can scroll up and down to go deeper and find new things to eat and mix. Sometimes it's possible to lose some of your creatures, but it's not a particularly competitive game and it's easy to undo progress.

There isn't much to do in the creek other than swim and consume everything in sight. While it can be fun to watch your creature grow for a minute or two, it can get old quickly if there's nothing else to do in the entire game. With the beauty of the concept and execution, it can be hard to enjoy the game when there isn't much to play.

FLOw is generally boring and should only be played to help you fall asleep. Of course, the game can save your "progress", but there's no end goal to accomplish anything, so I find it useless. As relaxing as this gameplay is, it needs to add more to the party to rival any of the other titles on the PSP.

Rating: 3/10

Siphon filter: combat missions.

Perhaps the most disappointing of the three games in terms of content, Siphon Filter: Combat Ops is essentially a map-making add-on for Siphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, allowing players to create and share their own multiplayer maps. Since my PSP has trouble connecting to my Wi-Fi, I haven't been able to verify that I can play these cards, but I doubt there's anyone online to play, though I can.

It looks good graphically, and fans of Siphon Filter might appreciate the map design a bit, but it's a pretty poor take on a multiplayer sequel that claims to be a "powerful" video game series.

Rating: 1/10


I'm not exactly sure what this Playstation Network bundle means; If the goal is to bring together the best of PSN, at least from Sony's game selection, why are there only three games and why are they all random or boring? There are a variety of game types, but I don't see anyone really enjoying this UMD for a long time. With other collections like EA Replay, Gradius Collection, Metal Slug, Power Stone, Namco and more on PSP, it is a very poor performer.

Rating: 30/100
Class: E

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