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Rally Masterpost

Rally games have always been a bittersweet experience for me; The joy and excitement of speeding in difficult conditions is mixed with the difficulty and challenge of speeding in difficult conditions. From simple early games to elaborate and complex simulations, arcade games have come a long way over the years, and it's time to explore a few select entries.

V Rally game:
Console: Sony Playstation
Developer: Eden Studio
Release date: September 30, 1997

Rally games were not particularly attractive in life. 2D games didn't represent the sport very well, and early 3D games weren't much better, with most having poor graphics, poor controls, or both. V-Rally has a smaller selection of cars and a slightly larger selection of support based on the 1997 calendar. There are arcade, championship and time trial modes, but the two main modes have a very similar layout.

Interestingly, unlike many later rally games, V-Rally has multiple cars on the track at once and has no test stages. Arcade and Championship modes have a checkpoint timer that expires and disqualifies players from the tournament. This makes the game feel like it needs speed. In the game he wants to go out, the game looks like a full support game, but the champions are jealous. Be much more competitive.

The game's controls are arcade-like, and most turns can be done with minimal braking. And this is a good thing, because when cars start drifting, they are very prone to over-rolling, which costs players time. Any hint of contact with the field will also damage the chances of victory as players wander in random directions. However, with a little practice it can be a lot of fun, and given the subtle steering inputs, most cars can handle it.

It's a bit disappointing that the rallies are multi-lap rather than sprint style, although the range of stages and meetings to compete in is vast. Unfortunately, replayability is a bit problematic, especially since only the main mode offers a deep racing experience.

Graphically, the game looks great, with a decent selection of cars, brands and a few different locations. Although there are not many prerequisites, there are many secondary obstacles. As for the sound, most of the runs have the usual rock music and the sound of the engine can be a bit muffled.

Overall, V-Rally is a fun little arcade racing game that doesn't go for accuracy rather than trying to bring the sport to the masses. It works well in many ways, especially for the time, but the controls can be a little confusing at times, and the gameplay is generally limited and doesn't have much content to keep players interested.

Score: 62/100
Section C

Here I would like to mention a game I already reviewed for this blog: Sega Rally Championship 2 . I haven't found an arcade rally game that beats the best controls, graphics and sound so it's worth checking out.

Game V-Rally 2: Professional Edition:
Console: Sega Dreamcast
Developer: Eden Studio
Release Date: July 2, 2000

Although the V-Rally sequel was released on the PlayStation, I chose the updated and frankly better Dreamcast version for my review. The game takes a more serious approach in the championship mode, allowing players to compete in racing stages based on time trials, just like real rallies, while maintaining the multi-car option of the playground mode. The game has a highly customizable track editor with enough options to make players feel like they've created their own scene.

The overall handling of the game is poorer than the first game and it is possible to beat support platforms without even using brakes. Despite having some fun stages and a good selection of cars, Championship mode seems pretty simple. With the Dreamcast controller triggers, it would be nice to have at least a brake function in the vehicle controls. The damage patching between levels is clean and easy to explain, and usually not enough to make it difficult to beat the stage.

Graphically, the game looks great, the cars and levels are much simpler than the PlayStation original, and there's more speed and excitement during the races. Depending on the scene, fantastic orchestral music, electronic tunes or general atmospheric background music will play during the run. They serve to maintain the arcade feel of the game and maintain tension in the game.

Overall, V-Rally 2: Expert Edition is an improvement over the first game in the series, but not enough to feel like a true rallying cry. Instead, it offers somewhat loose controls and basic AI that can weaken the challenge and leave players feeling a bit unsatisfied. You know you're not in the pro league if it's easy to beat a rally even if it's a 3 car roll.

Score: 64/100
Section C

Game Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Console: Sony Playstation
Developer: Codemasters
Release Date: December 5, 2000

Almost a week after the release of the PlayStation 2, Colin McRae proved that the original PlayStation is still alive by bringing Rally 2.0, an incredibly reliable and fun rally game, to the aging console. The game is presented in a very intense simulation style and allows players to customize their cars for each level, allow time for maintenance and allow players to be very aggressive when they want to win, which is a practice to win. The game

The game performs incredibly well for a PlayStation racing game and is certainly one of the most realistic I've ever played. There's dualshock support, as well as the ability to use analog sticks, and the support clock and vehicle selection are top-notch. Similar to the title screen shown above, the game's user interface is impressive, with each section listed at the top of the screen and players navigating through the game.

Graphically, the game isn't very exciting, with clunky but recognizable textures for cars and locations. However, that doesn't seem to matter much as the gameplay is more than enough to keep players hooked. With an arcade mode that offers free driving and more cars at the same time, the game has a lot to do.

Overall, Colin McRae Rally 2.0 looks like one of the first rally games that gets everything right about the genre. The game has fun, races, parades, signs and cars. While arcade games can satisfy gamers' thirst for one night, this game will do it once and for all.

Rating: 80/100
Category B

Paris-Dakar Rally Match:
Console: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Credit
Release Date: October 9, 2001

Based on the real Paris-Dakar rally, the PlayStation 2 game tried to simulate the epic journey from France to Africa over thousands of kilometers. Unfortunately, this measure requires a slightly higher budget. Although the length of the competition is well represented (with 8 stages left before the players leave Senegal), the route seems to be reversed and everything looks very similar.

The game's controls are so overloaded, there are small adjustments that need to be made to take a back seat. The instruction is always behind the notes, attendance does not help, and when they play well, the players are probably 100 competitors in their class. There are cars, tracked vehicles, motorcycles and 4x4s, each with their own problems and may need maintenance (players are limited).

Graphically, the game is very acceptable, although the endless desert expansion may not be a challenge for the PlayStation 2. The levels aren't particularly interesting, though they cross several countries and territories with varied terrain. The music matches the setting, but it may not be one of the world's most dangerous backing tracks.

Overall, the Paris-Dakar Rally reminds me a bit of Gumball 3000, which came out around that time. An incredibly well-licensed race, half of it was converted into a PlayStation 2 game and outsold Real Racing. Unfortunately, to get the real thrill, you have to drive the rally yourself.

Rating: 57/100
Grade: D

CG Africa Game:
Console: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Rage Software
Release Date: June 14, 2002

GTC Africa is an amazing mix of racing game styles; Of course, it has the dirt and off-road elements found in the supporting game, although it feels more like Paris-Dakar Rally than a licensed World Rally Championship game, as the tracks run through the terrain and the roads are more frequent. At random. The turn-based and scrolling arcade game also features members of Burnout and Ridge Racing.

Two main game modes: Championship mode where players compete against 5 other cars and Challenge mode which involves speed trials on tracks across Africa. The game has a decent amount of content, though players may not take the time to play it again after trying it, given the fairly average build and budget feel of the game.

Graphically, the game looks washed out and generally lacks detail, although there are decent car models. There are quite a few options in terms of cars, but nothing close to the recent WRC games. Musically, the game looks like an arcade game with electronic music accompanying the competition. The kind you usually hear drumming while walking.

Overall, GTC Africa can be fun, but it seems a little lacking in content to make the game fully enjoyable. After beating the main racing series, trials keep players entertained for a while, but there isn't much else to the game. It's the kind of experience that's worth playing once to see what it's like if you never come back to it.

Rating: 60/100
Grade: D

WRC 3 gameplay:
Console: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Evolution Studio
Release Date: November 21, 2003

WRC 3 is an arcade-style arcade game licensed to showcase the cars and drivers of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship and all levels. With very loose controls, it's easy to learn even for rally newbies, and the difficulty level range ensures that even more experienced players can adjust the time required to complete the rally stages. Beginner difficulty is fairly easy, averaging 15 seconds per level for average performance. It's hard to make up for lost time after a bad start, but it's also hard to lose when players are in the lead. It's like the players are stuck in place until they do something right or wrong.

Levels are handled very separately, and snow is different from slide, which in turn is different from tarma. There's help setting up the car with engineer suggestions, and the game feels a lot less technical than Colin McRae's Rally 2.0, which isn't necessarily a good or bad thing, but it does help players get into the game faster. I ran the first four races in championship mode and finished 1st in the third and 2nd in the second experience of the game. It might be too easy, but it's good for quick rewards and play, especially if there's a slight discrepancy between AI timings.

Despite the PS2's capabilities, the graphics are a bit plain, the vehicles and locations are at least recognizable and show simple backgrounds. With all the high-speed racing, there isn't much time to fix the game's graphical flaws. Right 1 is usually the most difficult corner, but if you have played other support games in this game or know the scoring system, you don't have to get used to it at all. Otherwise, the sound is pretty good, although it doesn't get much background music, probably because of the intense action.

Overall, WRC 3's arcade-like support experience is a fun simulation experience, not that they're head-on, but it's easier to pick up, doesn't punish players too much for random crashes, and can be more challenging. . .Being in terms of time. It is important. For quick rally thrills, this is definitely a top contender.

Score: 73/100
Section C

Game Colin McRae Rally 2005
Console: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Codemasters
Release date: September 22, 2004

Colin McRae Rally 2005 is a fun arcade game that has received extremely positive reviews since its release. It seems less simulation-oriented than Colin McRae 2.0 in terms of controlling and punishing players over time, but more realistic than the WRC games. The damage is very realistic and if some parts of the car are too broken, it can hinder players in level. Players must consider how long it will take to repair their vehicle after taking damage between rounds.

Players have a choice between championship mode and time trial mode, the game had an online component, but the PS2 servers are currently down. This means that there isn't much in the game for players to do outside of each support platform. The handling is a little loose for taste, and the car slips a lot at speed, making it difficult to maintain fast lap times. One aspect of the game that I enjoyed was being able to use L2 and R2 as brake and gas.

Graphically the game looks great, this is the first game in the test, I can say that the locations are unique and fun to collect around. The vehicles are well represented, although players only have a small selection to start with when traveling in career mode. In terms of sound, the game is as good as other supported games, the drive is showing good speed and the engines are realistic enough.

Overall, I liked Colin McRae Rally 2005 less than WRC 3 because it was harder to understand and punished me more for playing poorly than the first. However, if I had to spend a lot of time playing any game, I'd probably choose this one because I improve and close the gap between myself and the AI ​​instead of breaking them in the beginning. .

Rating: 77/100
Category B

Game CMR: Rally Evolved:
Console: Sony Playstation 2
Developer: Evolution Studio
Release Date: October 28, 2005

Sometimes games feel like wasted potential; WRC Rally Evolved is a good example. Although there is a variety of cars including Super 1600s, historic rally cars, massive rally cars and a World Rally Championship line-up, the racing slows down the game due to low-speed feel and camera shake when the car accelerates. , unless the players allow the computer to run, the brake control is very small, which takes all the fun out of the game and is normal at launch.

The support programs and locations featured in the game are generally good, although there are no differences between countries except for the type of scenery. The tracks themselves are quite short compared to other arcade games, and the overall difficulty level becomes much easier once players know how to drive the car. It's a lot of fun, but issues with speed, braking and hard cornering hurt the overall experience.

Graphically, the game looks great at first while running, but a closer look reveals painful motion blur, camera shake, and generally poor trees, terrain, water, and other track elements. Voice-wise, the game is generally good, although there are some odd choices for the companion language. Almost everything sounds natural except for the tempo notes, and the occasional squeal of joy is the odd thing you'll hear at the end of a sequence.

In general WRC. Rally Evolved had some great ideas and isn't a bad support game. The problem seems to be that the players never own the seats to get the most out of them. I" Answer:

Issue 62/100

😉 Colin McRae DiRT
Sony PlayStation 3
January 2007

Colin advises dirt-" racing racing. and and

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Graphically, the game is very good, ps3 has it - choosing the ellipse, choosing the sound of the engine, choosing the bgm -

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Answer 79/100

😉 Sega Rally
Sony PlayStation 3
2007 год jubilee 28

Sega rally series: : : : Rally is back to normal normal mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode mode Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime Regime

""It's becoming more and more technical, demanding some of the most interesting rally cars out there.

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Ընդհանուր առմամբ առմամբ առմամբ ն զվարճալի է է է արկադային արկադային արկադային արկադային ոճի խաղացողներին խաղացողներին խաղացողներին խաղացողներին ռալիի ռալիի երկրպագուների երկրպագուների լավ կլիներ կլիներ մեկ խաղալու պայթյուններով չեմպիոնության չեմպիոնության չեմպիոնության չեմպիոնության ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը ռեժիմը.

Бюлетэнь 77/100

😉 WRC. Узаемадзеянне з AIF
Sony PlayStation 3
Гульні Blackbean
Выдадзены 8 студзеня 2010 г

ESARC-г. Fia-" R3

Խաղում հատուկ փուլերը խմբավորված են ըստ դժվարության, և այդպիսով ճանապարհ դեպի ռեժիմի ռեժիմի քանի քանի նույն մի մի քանի, իսկ իսկ նոր ներմուծվում ռոտացիայի մեջ մեջ համբերություն ունեք, ապա ռեժիմը ռեժիմը կարող լինել շատ շահավետ և ամբողջական փորձ, որտեղ մեքենան մեքենան առաջարկած առաջարկած բոլոր առաջընթացի առաջընթացի առաջընթացի իրական իրական, բայց դա շատ ավելի երկար, քան աշխատելը ձեր ճանապարհը ճանապարհը wrc- ի պաշտոնական:

Խաղում է է տեսականի ՝ խմբի ռալի մեքենաների մեքենաների dlc փաթեթով, բայց ավելի շատ, քան ռեժիմում ռեժիմում գտնվող, խաղացողները են են են որ որ գոնե մասի մասի կստանան համը: մեքենաների միջև տարբերությունները և և օգնում օգնում են պահել, քանի որ են և են նույն հատուկ հատուկ շատերում շատերում շատերում շրջանակը լավ է, բայց ավելի դժվար ձյան հակված հակված փակվել փակվել փակվել փակվել խաղի խաղի:

Ընդհանուր մեքենա վարելը և են զգում զգում արագության լավ լավ լավ լավ մրցակցային և և վրա հիմնված հիմնված հիմնված խառնուրդով խառնուրդով խառնուրդով խառնուրդով խառնուրդով է է է նպատակների նպատակների նպատակների նպատակների նպատակների նպատակների որտեղ խաղացողները է այն շարքում շարքում մտնում մտնում ՝ ՝ ՝ վա նոր մրցավազք և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և. առաջադիմելու համար: կարիերայի ռեժիմի առանձնապե առանձնապե դժվար դժվար դժվար դժվար, հետևաբար, կարող կարող փոքր դժվար դժվար լինել լինել կ կ:

Գրաֆիկորեն լավ տեսք ունի և լավ լավ մեքենաներով մոդելավորված մոդելավորված ոչ ոչ հեռավորությունն հեռավորությունն է, որ եք եք մի ծառ, որը է վրա հեռավորության, և լուսավորության հյուսվածքային ծանրաբեռնված մրցավազքի մրցավազքի, բայց դուք դուք եք եք ?????? ??? ?? , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????!???, што таксама час што? Ձայնային առումով խաղը ընդհանուր առմամբ, լավ թեև երբեմն նոտաները մի մի փոքր են են, երբ նախընտրում նախընտրում է բղավել «վտանգ վտանգ փոխարեն փոխարեն, թե սպասվում է է տառապում է նույն խնդրից, ինչ WRC Rally Evolved -ը, որտեղ հեգնական կամ մեկնաբանություններ մեկնաբանություններ անում է , որոնք խախտում են խաղի:

Ընդհանուր WRC. Fia- ի համաշխարհային առաջնությունը շատ է է, եթե քիչ լուրջ լուրջ լուրջ ռալիի փուլի խաղ խաղ ՝ խորը ռեժիմով մինչև մինչև fia ռալիի աշխարհի պատանեկան պատանեկան պատանեկան պատանեկան պատանեկան այն և հատուկ փուլերի լավ, իսկ իսկ է և է վերցնել մի քանի փորձից փորձից: միակ կողմն կողմն է այն, ընթանում որ որ իր ռեժիմում ռեժիմում և և է նույն փուլերից շատերի պատճառով դժվարության դժվարության դժվարության շարք փուլեր փուլեր փուլեր կլիներ կլիներ:

????????? 83/100
Դասարան՝ Բ

Խաղ. WRC. FIA ռալիի աշխարհի առաջնություն
Վահանակ՝ Nintendo 3DS
Մշակողը ՝ Firebrand Games
Թողարկման ամսաթիվ՝ 15 հունվարի 2015թ

Դուք կարող եք ակնկալել, որ FIA World Rally Championship-ի պաշտոնական խաղը 3DS-ով կլինի որակյալ փորձ՝ լիցենզավորված մեքենաներով և վարորդներով, ինչպես նաև 12 երկրներում ընդգրկող ռալիի փուլերի մեծ ընտրանիով: Նախնական ընտրացանկը, սակայն, թույլ է տալիս խաղացողներին իմանալ, թե ինչի համար են նրանք ցանկանում՝ ունենալով ընդամենը 3 ռեժիմ՝ սեզոն, արագ մրցավազք և սուպեր փուլեր: Խաղացողները առաջադիմում են սեզոնային ռեժիմում՝ հաղթելով փուլերում կամ բավարար միավորներ վաստակելով չորս փուլերում o

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